Day 178

I’m tired! Can’t even be bothered blogging much lately cause it’s just “work. yep. the end” ugh. I’m sorry! I do apologize!

But again, I went to work today.. haha. It was a loong day. I had to call the people who had signs in our window with “missing dog” and what not, and ask if they wanted to keep the signs up.. they’d been there for a year, so it was time to call & ask if they still wanted them to stay up. Only one person said “it’s been ages, you can take it down..” but the rest were very keen on me keeping them up. I felt so bad having to call them! And Velleda was saying how sometimes you’ll get the ones that are like “oh.. turns out it died/got eaten by a coyote” etc. I was like omg! I’m not doing it! But I did D: Wasn’t so bad.. they were just like “oh yes, please do keep it up, we’re still looking!” poor things.

What else.. Hmm, a lady was buying a super large soft crate thing, they’re called “day trippers” or “day campers” cause she wanted to put it in the back of her car to keep her german shepherd in when they drive places. When we took it out to her car with her to set it up & make sure it fits, I was totally expecting a somewhat larger car. But it was tiny! So there we were trying to cram this big thing into a tiny backseat of a car. The first one didn’t fit, so we had to get the same size but a different kind cause the other one was softer.. Ugh. Such effort! And while doing that, the woman’s dog threw up on the front seat of the car.. then she pulled her out of the car, and she threw up again. Ew. Lol.

I can’t think of anything else exciting or interesting.. or even noteworthy. So that’s it for me I think. 25 or 26 something like that days until Sarah & Ashley come! Victoria just announced that it’s a month until she arrives. YAY. Such epic fun awaits. I cannot wait.

Also excited for this business! Bring it on..

Gonna go lay in bed now & play sudoku before I fall asleep. Night!

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