Day 179


Late blog, yeah I know. But I’ve been Skyping with Victoria & Sarah for several hours now! LOL. Good fun. I was also playing with Hercules, had him out of the cage. He was exploring. I think he was having a heap of fun running around all over the place. So cute! Should let him out to explore more often. He loves it!

Skype was entertaining too. We got a lot of stuff planned too. Got to work out how easy transit is now in all these places. Tours are good and all, but $79 vs getting a bus… I’m more leaning towards the transit. Way cheaper!

So I went to work today too. It was long. It was pretty funny today though. Nicole & I have decided she has to go to McDonalds & say “G’day mate, I’ll have a big mac with chips.” Then when they tell her the price she has to go “Oh, bloody oath!” LOL. They all found it hilarious. And couldn’t believe we call them chips. LOL. Funny.

Other than that, the day was average. I’m super tired now as it’s 1.35am. Talked to those two for ages. Gonna go brush my teeth now and then go to sleep. I think tomorrow I need to go to the bank, possibly Metrotown & possibly Value Village. Then hopefully get to Granville st by 2pm for a free Marianas Trench concert! Sweet!

Night all!

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