Day 180

Had a busy busy day!

Woke up at  some time, I have no idea. Then had to go upstairs and we chatted to Jacquie about the Sarah, Victoria & Ashley situation. All is good. Just going to have a hot water bill problem maybe, I dunno. They have to sort that out cause they got a way higher bill than expected yarda yarda, we’ll see how that goes I guess.

After that Heidi & I went out to New West where she went to get a coffee from Blenz & she had a buy 1 get 1 free thing, and got me one too. It was a milk chocolate mocha I think? Medium sized. We both actually felt kinda sick afterwards. I also sat backwards on the bus for awhile, which made me feel REALLY sick, specially after the coffee. Ugh.

So in New West we went to the bank, I banked my pay check. Then we went to Value Village and had a spree! I ended up buying heaps today, I feel terrible! LOL. Heidi & I bought a ping pong set, it’s the net & bats really. We just need to find some balls. I also bought a little pack thing with a rubiks cube in it, cause you can only buy things in the packs that they pre pack, you can’t mix and match. Kinda sucky, I got random other crap with it just for the rubiks cube lol. It’s not a great cube, but it’s alright. And it’s from, I think. It’s got a sticker on it saying that anyways. So that’s cool.

Also bought a jacket thing, cause it was comfy and had cool zips, and two separate layers. ANDD! I found $5 in the pocket, so it was just meant to be. LOL. Also bought some jeans, for like $6. They’re not great or super comfy, but warm for work possibly. Warmer then the cotton pants I’ve been wearing since PNE.

I was going to buy some ski like shoes, that zipped up. LOL. But they had the wrong price tag on them and was like $5 more than I wanted to pay for em, so I wasn’t even that fussed on them for the price they had on em. So I didn’t get them. I got an action replay thing for my DS too. It’s for cheats and stuff, so that will be interesting to give a go. It was only $4 haha, why not.

After Value Village we headed over to Metrotown, where I bought a hoodie from Aeropostal. That’s the store Alexis got me a gift card to. The hoodie I went in and found last time wasn’t there anymore, so I went with another hoodie. Same colour though, just not the same kind. It’s a dark blue kinda thing. Heidi picked it haha, she insisted I get that one. She wouldn’t let me get grey but! D:

After that we went to the Canadian superstore, and she was looking at hair dye, but the lines were way too long there, as always, so we figured meh get it next time, cause by then it was already 6pm. No idea where the day went! We had a ball in Value Village I think lol.

Came home, ate dinner, and that’s it really. They’re off to San Francisco in the morning, and I’m off to carnival. So I should head to bed I think.

Oh, I’ve been playing on this site making floor plans, pretty cool. Haha, designing my own little cabin! Woah.

Kay, I’m off. Night!

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