Day 181


Today was the last carnival day for 2010! Sad, I know! But we had fun. Basically woke up early, met Jon at the skytrain station at about 8.15, then we got a bus over to Annacis Island where the carnival was at. It was at the Pepsi factory, pretty cool. I think it was just for the workers & their families or something, so it wasn’t very busy, cause it wasn’t open to the public I don’t think.. So yeah, it was cool. Got free lunch too, they even had veggie burgers. Yay. Also, clearly got free Pepsi. LOL.

I was making a trip to the washroom & I passed an open passage way thing and glanced in and saw some of the factory stuff. It was like a full on factory thing, like woah. I didn’t see anything being made though, just saw lots of machine stuff. Epic!

Some kid threw up after my ride today. Thankfully it wasn’t even on the ride, like last time! This time he’d walked away a bit, but it was after my ride haha. It was gross. I saw Eddie laughing from the other side. Just the way the kid did it I think made it that much funnier. And right after he threw up and wiped his face on his sleeve, he tried to head over to another ride. LOL. What a champ. He must have been around 5 years old. His dad was laughing at him too but told him not to go on any more rides lol

We were told the event finished at 3, but all the people there seemed to think it finished at 2, that’s what they were all saying too. So they all cleared out around 2. So we kinda just chilled for a bit, we were in no hurry. We actually ended up riding one of the rides. LOL. The ride I’d been operating. It’s called the Zoom, and it goes around and round, and up in the air. Pretty cool. It was actually the first ride I operated there on my first day too! Eddie, Kristina, Alicia & me all got in, and Andre operated it. We were actually really surprised how fast and high it went LOL. I was trying to take pictures while in it, but also trying to hang on!

Ahahaha. Fun times.

After that, we went and jumped in the Tubs ride, it’s like the teacup thing and it spins around the platform while you can make it spin inside as well, like the teacup thingy, except way faster. I got in with Marcus cause all season he’d been saying I had to go on it with him some time cause he makes it spin “really fast” Kristina & Alicia got in the one next to us, and another chick went to run it, but basically once she pressed it to go, it stopped. Doug turned the power off for tear down 😦 SAD! All year and I still never got to ride the tubs!

Anywhooo. We packed up everything, then after I got paid I was waiting around to get the bus with Eddie. Mel came to pick Marcus up so I went and talked to her while we waited. I was on the inside of the fence, and she was on the outside, cause I couldn’t get out, and she couldn’t get in. We didn’t have the swipe card thing to open the gates, Jen had it but I forgot to ask her to get it lol. So there was some truck driver dude parked his truck in the driveway and he came over to me and was like “what time do you open?” I was like I don’t work for Pepsi… “you on inside gate, I locked out. Let me in!” I was like dude, I don’t work for Pepsi! You’ll have to call them or go to reception or something. “But I see you, you inside, you can let me in” No, I can’t open the gate! Ugh! So annoying. He had a HUGE truck too like it was out the driveway and on the road haha. Silly.

Soo anyways,  after all that Eddie & I walked to the bus stop to get the bus back to the skytrain station. I was talking to him about all his extra work for movies and stuff. Turns out he’s scored himself a recurring role on Hellcats (a cheerleader show set in Memphis or something, starring Ashley Tisdale, Matt Barr, & Aly something.. Forgot her last name) Hellcats is the set we went to look at once lol. But yeah, he’s one of the football players apparently. He gets like $28 an hour or something, and he gets to do it like 2-3 times a week. Lucky! He doesn’t have any speaking roles though, he’s just part of the team. I hope he gets a speaking role or something in it at some point!

When I got to the station I said bye to Eddie, he said he’ll set me up with his agency soon. I tried to find it, but we walked up and down the street and no luck. So he says once I get back from my trip he’ll take me down there to sign up. So that’s cool. I’ll clearly need to earn some money then, and I’ll have a 24/7 availability schedule, which is good for extra work! So I’m fine with that. So yep, January for that!

At the station I was waiting for my bus, ended up talking to this other guy waiting. His name was Walter? I think? Turns out he works for EA games as a sound engineer or something in video games. And they sent him to work in Germany and he’s been back 4 months or something. I dunno. He said he’s also moved here from Edmonton, and he’s originally from California too. I couldn’t keep up or make sense of where he was from/lived/living etc. But yeah, EA games! Haha. Oh, he also said Australia day in Whistler is insane, apparently people were skiing in nothing but their underwear, and body painted in Aussie colours, and skiing down like that, WITH a beer in hand. LOL. Funny.

Oh, needless to say I’ve been watching Hellcats all night. I hadn’t actually ever watched it, but I’d been wanting to to spot locations and stuff. I didn’t start from the beginning, I’m not even sure where I started from. But I’ve caught up now, I’ve got the jist of it. I think I may have saw Eddie, not too sure. But I saw the scene from when we went down to the location in New West! It was a pretty epic scene, no wonder they were there filming it until like 3am.

I also cleaned Hercules’s cage out tonight. I was going to bring him out to play tonight, but Hellcats was distracting. Possibly tomorrow night, if he wants to play with me!

Wow. What a long blog.. I might just stop now and head to sleep. Pretty tired now, I think the sunburn makes me feel more tired. I guess I’ll talk more tomorrow. Night!

    • neesolay
    • October 17th, 2010

    lol they have hellcats on over here. it can replace our ‘neighbours’ gossip!

    • lol oh yeah you told me that. ahaha i’m down for that! we can play spot people i know too?!

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