Day 182


Today was good, cause I got to sleep in! Yay! I woke up at about 9.30 I think, Aaron was calling me on Skype, so I got up & talked to him for a bit. It was like 2.30am or something in Aus. Silly Aaron. But we talked for awhile. Then I had to go and get ready for work.

Went to work, long day. Finished at 9 tonight. It went so slow. Nicole left at about 7, and then the next 2 hours after that was just me and Joe and it was sooo slow. Ahhh. But we got through it lol. Joe was like “sometimes it’s better to have a group of terrible customers, rather than no customers at all..” ahaha

Came home, showered, fed Hercules, and made dinner! Actually, I only just ate my dinner. I decided to make pasta & bake the cheese on top. So it took awhile. But it was good! Sure worth it!

Currently Skyping Aaron, again! Ugh, he’s now reading my blog back to me. LOL. Stop it! Funny haha. Aarons decided him & Michelle are gonna come visit me next year. DIDN’T YOU AARON 😀

Anywhoo.. I’m tired now, and it’s after 12am. Might head to bed! Nighty night!

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