Day 183

Wow, just realized I’m nearing 200 days. Epic. Also almost been here 6 months. Wow!

Anyways, I worked today, can you tell? Haha. It was a slowww day. Nothing much to say really. But now I’m home and working 9.30am tomorrow. Sucks cause I didn’t even get home until 10pm tonight. Sigh. Ah well, money is money! Not long now either until Sarah & Ashley get here! 😀

Heidi & Dom get back tomorrow night. I haven’t heard from them since Heidi texted me at the border and that was it lol. Wonder how their trips going..

Oh, in trip news, we canceled our LA accommodation at La Quinta, and booked at Marina International Hotel in Marina del Rey. So that should be nice! Costing us a bit more, but whatever. It’s not right by LAX & should be more exciting, hopefully. Can’t wait! So stoked!

Anywhooo. That’s it, I really need to go to sleep or I’ll never get up for work in the morning! Night!

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