Day 184


So I’m really tired, and I blame the fact that I had a 7.15am wake up for work. I do so much better when I get to sleep til at least 8am. Thankfully, tomorrow I can do that!

I was talking about chocolates to people at work today, and they want to try this “Australian chocolate” like Caramello Koalas, Curly Wurlys, Flakes, Pods, all that stuff! So I’m gonna ask Sarah & Ashley to bring a bag of fun sized Caramello Koalas over! 😀 Hehe.

It was a slow day at work, it seems this whole week has been super slow. No idea why, but it’s annoying! We know that it’s slower every night there’s a Canucks hockey game, which is every 2nd night. So that’s expected. But even during the day it’s slow, and on non game nights. Go figure.

I let Hercules out tonight, he ran around for a bit exploring. Almost thought I’d lost him at one point, but I found him under the kitchen table lol. I think he had fun haha. I followed him around the room for a bit too on my hands and knees, lol. He thought I was chasing him and tried to run faster, and then he got under the couch, I couldn’t follow him there 😦 Smarty!

Oh! I got a text from Heidi tonight saying that they’ll be home at 3pm tomorrow now, instead of tonight at 10pm, cause apparently there was some mess up with the flights? I dunno. But they get a free hotel & meal & apparently $400 each. Very confused as to why they got all that.. but yeah, lucky them! I’m quite jealous haha. But, on the other hand, another night at the house on my own. I can’t wait til Saturday.. I need to go food shopping, stat!

Not long now until my trip! Yay! Can’t wait at all!

Anywhooo, gonna head to bed, I’m THAT tired. Night!

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