Day 185


Got to sleep in this morning, it was good. Started work at 11.30, it was a slow, annoying, draining day. Stupid people who think stuff is too expensive, and ask for discounts. It’s like damn just pay it, I can’t give you a discount. And then they let their dog pee over 7 times, and not even care. Annoying. AND THEN they kept questioning me about the crate being “airline approved” or not. I said it was, but they didn’t believe me. Sigh. Anyway, they were annoying. Yep.

Then another lady, who let her dogs poo on the floor -.- thankfully she cleaned it up though. But still!

ANYWAYS! That’s work. Yep. Bought some Fantales to work, cause Nerissa was keen to try some Aussie chocolate lol. I’m so nice haha.

Heidi and Dom came home today, I walked into the house and smelt horrible burning, she burnt the veggies & the pot lol. Wonderful to come home to! Haha, that’s how I know they’re back. LOL.

20 days until Sarah & Ashley come I think! Totally excited! 24 until Victoria comes! And then like 29 until our trip! YAY!

Nothing much else to say really, too excited haha. Okay, should head to bed.. Night!

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