Day 186

Hellooooo there.

I’m very tired, but I’m very glad it’s my day off tomorrow! FINALLYYY haha it’s been 7 days since I had a day off. Ugh! Long awaited defs.

Anywhoo, worked today, as you can tell.. It was tiring, and long. Actually it went quicker than a lot of other days, go figure. I snacked on Fantales for most of the day. Good times. Didn’t do anything tonight, besides coming home to shower & cook and what not. Such is life! Fed Hercules, and probably going to head to bed myself very soon. Gonna go shopping tomorrow, get me some foods! Going to Walmart too to look for some thermal under clothes possibly, also probably going to the Value Village up by Lougheed instead of the one by Metrotown. Figured I’d try there now, I’ve spent the past few weekends at the other one haha.

So yeah, that’s life. Gonna head to bed now I think. Shall talk to you tomorrow. Night!

P.S 19 days!!

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