Day 188

I woke up at 5am today, it sucked. I laid there trying to get back to sleep but before I knew it my alarm was going off for 7.15am. Sucky, I know!

It was still dark outside at 8am while I was getting ready for work. It wasn’t cool. And it was raining when I was walking to the bus. Ugh! It rained all day, really heavy for the most part. It was kind of unusual for Vancouver, so it surprised people lol. I worked by the way, as you can already tell.

It was kinda quiet for awhile in the morning, we stood around talking about Vegas – Cause Joe is going there in two weeks. I still haven’t told them I’m leaving, I don’t know how or when. I feel bad! I’ll do it by the 1st of November though… sigh! So soon! But yeah, lots about Vegas! Really excited to go!

I did a cool new thing with the rubiks cube today;

Took a lot of thinking, but I got it done. Now it’s more funner to do it wrong like that rather than to solve it right!

I had to help get a huge Newfoundlander dog onto the scales today. Those things are like horses! He wasn’t keen on going onto the scales, so I stood on the other side of it, which is over the counter, and I held treats over the counter and had to get him to walk onto the scales to get to me and the treats haha it took a bit of convincing but I did it. The owners were really struggling to get him on before I came over to help haha they were calling me magical lol! Either way, the dog weighed 120lbs, which is apparently pretty small for a Newfoundland. Beasty.

Another couple came in towards the end of the day, the lady was carrying a 4 month old Golden Retriever puppy, and at 4 months, those things aren’t tiny! It was like she was carrying a toddler LOL. But turns out they’d just gotten him. She works in the film industry, and he’s one of the puppies in the most recent Airbud-type movie. I only ever remember seeing the one about the basketball dog, then it had puppies & it was the soccer dog?? I dunno. Years ago. But apparently now they’re doing a “scary” type one lol, but yeah anyway, that dog is in it hehe. So I took them around the store on a new puppy shopping trip. Good stuff. They had another dog too, a chocolate Lab, Joe & Nerissa were telling the chocolate Lab how he’s no longer going to be the center of attention, and he may as well give up now cause it’ll all be about the puppy. LOLOL. Poor dog. When they were saying that the choc Lab was reacting/speaking back kinda, it was cool haha.

But anyways, good fun. Came home, had dinner, showered. The usual. Heard some terrible news from Mum.. very sad. Then also heard some more crazy news later from an old friend/family friend family. Crazy day..

Nothing much else to report. I’m tired, and going to head to bed. I start at 12.30 tomorrow, so I get to sleep in. Yay! Night!

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