Day 189


Worked! As usual! It actually wasn’t as slow as normal, even though the day actually was SLOW. We had hardly any customers cause it was a super ugly day out, so hardly anyone came. I think we had just over 100 customers all day.. So yeah, it WAS slow. But went by fast surprisingly!

Andrew got us Subway cookies, so we all ate them on our breaks haha. Good stuff! I also bought Hercules’s new food today, so we’ll see how he takes to that. It’s a 6lb bag, it’s going to last him like, 24 weeks or something we worked out. Damn! Haha.

Not much else really.. Looking forward to going in to work tomorrow for the free lunch from the Hellcats caterers! Sounds like it’s going to be yummy! Finally going to return the cat litter tomorrow too. Also need to go to the Superstore and get some ziplock bags I think, to store all Hercules’s food in!!

I’ve been sitting here on the couch for about an hour now making cool patterns with the rubiks cube, like checkered & zig zag and what not. Pretty cool. I’m easily amused, it’s all good.

Anywhoo, might head to bed.. Night!

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