Day 190

Wow.. I’m nearing 200 days! This is crazy!

I had a day off today, yet I still went in to work because of the free lunch from Hellcats 🙂 & i wanted to check out the filming… && I had to return kitty litter that Hercules refused to use 🙂

So it was raining, as usual! Kinda sucky while trying to carry a thing of cat litter AND try to hold an umbrella. Wasn’t working for me. But the lunch was pretty epic. They had everything. Nicole & I had a baked potato haha. I think Nerissa had like ribs or something. I know they even had rib eye stake apparently. Crazy! Lucky Hellcats cast & crew! Oh, and if you didn’t catch it, we got the free lunch cause they were parking their trailers in our works car park. So yeah!

My attempts at being a sneaky-by-pass-photographer kinda failed. I was walking by and this is all I could manage to get without being totally obvious..

Lol, failed, I know.

Anyways, I also told my boss today that I’m going to have to leave, so I think my last day will be the 14th.. Yeah.. Ah well.

I also went to the Superstore today to get some things. I really only went there for ziploc bags & home brand cheap bulk cheese.. But they didn’t have the cheese I wanted! D: And I ended up leaving with like 2 x 5 packs of apple juice box’s that I take to work, and also a normal thing of juice cause it was only $1! I think I also got some more soup or something, and I think that was it haha. I wanted to get a pumpkin, but I wasn’t sure their price and what not or which would be the best to get to carve! I need some local advice haha. Sigh!

I was looking up prices today to go from here to Niagara Falls in January, the accommodation itself is fairly well priced, but the flights are like $603 return. Crazy! Heidi said today that in regards to going there, we’re better off doing it while we’re already in America. But that doesn’t work with our plans now! I wish she’d said that earlier, cause then we could have fitted it in. Ugh. But yeah, I didn’t plan it on this trip because I knew she really wanted to go and she said we should all go do it together. But whatever. Now I have to find another grand or something just to go to the Falls. Not cool. Ah well. Oh, AND gotta get up to Whistler this winter too! Preferably for Australia day!

I cleaned Hercules’s cage tonight, I think he’s enjoying his new food too. I was going to let him out, but it’s late already and I’m tired.. So I’m basically going to head to bed. Two weeeks apparently till our new additions come! 😀 Can’t wait! I’m outtie, night!

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