Day 191

I’ve got my countdown going for everything that’s coming up! I’m super excited it’s crazy!

Other than that, I worked today. It was a really slow day.. I don’t think we hit 100 customers haha, at least not in the 8 hours I was there. Slow!  It wasn’t too bad though, had some excitement here and there. Puppies! I was helping this lady with her 4 month old Lab pup, named Cookie. Hehe. She was a fun dog. Then there was a German Shepherd called Pepper! She was about 2 years old! Good stuff. She made some weird noises, she reminded me of a husky trying to talk almost.

Tonight Heidi & I turned out kitchen table into a ping pong table! We’d bought the net & bats at Value Village just over a week ago, before they left to San Fran anyways. And Heidi bought some balls for it today, so we set it up and played! It was hilarious. It’s so tiny, so it’s hard to play, but we managed!

So that was exciting. We played for over half an hour lol. After that I went and watched Hellcats! Still yet to spot Eddie…

Nothing else really happened, and I need to head to bed now! Aka, play Sudoku until I fall asleep. Fun fun! Anywhoooo… Night!

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