Day 192


I’m really tired for some reason. And I feel sunburnt, but I’ve been inside working every day? So I don’t know how that could have happened haha. But yeah, worked. Good stuff. Today went somewhat quick, even though it was a very slow day. But we had stuff to do so it was all good.

Nicole brought peanut butter cookies in to work for us all to have haha yummy stuff. Kind of tasted like I was just eating a huge spoonful of peanut butter though.. but still good!  I think I’ve learnt a lot from people at work, like stuff about food & candy in Canada, as well as all the pet stuff… AND even what they call things vs what we call things and how to pronounce things Canadian etc lol. It’s good. I’m gonna miss that. I guess we just see what work place I get thrown into when I get back from this trip. Hopefully something just as fun and exciting.

I also think we need to move in February, cause Sarah & I don’t want to have to pay the $625 rent each, we’d rather keep it at the $400-500 mark if we have to. I know Nerissa at work is looking to move, and Nicole is too. So there’s some options I guess. We’ll see how it goes really.

Other than that, I’m tired and gonna head to bed I think. I want these two weeks to go by super fast!

Aw man! Nicole (Whelan) just sent me a picture, she got a puppy?!? JEALOUSSSS. She shoulda waited! We coulda had a puppy shower together! LOL. Aw! D:

Okay.. night!

    • poppy
    • October 29th, 2010

    My previous comment about Kahni being a chocaholic was a reference to your blogs that week mentioning chocolates, fantales etc, quite a bit, was that I thought you seemed to be following suit! (I’m still an Internet dinosaur,so I only turn the computer on about once a week). You’re going well and having fun. Poppy

    • ohh! it’s all the chocolates mum sent me over for my birthday lol slowly getting through them..

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