Day 193

Ahhh hellooooo.

I worked, as per the norm! It wasn’t too bad of a day, it was slow for the most part, but the last few hours went by quick! We had a display to put together, and Nerissa, Nicole & I were working out how to do it, while Andrew stood there and commentated haha. He kept making jokes like “How many employees does it take to put together a display?” and calling us the three stooges and what not ahaha. Funny. But we finally got it together. It was good stuff lol.

Also got some more planning done for this trip. I’m considering Niagara Falls while we’re over that side of the continent, but I dunno. Obviously I’m already going to be lacking monies lol. Sucky. Why can’t I just make money daily without doing much?? Sigh! But other than that, I found all this stuff we can do in NY for like $92 or something. Pretty good deal really. So definitely going to do that!

In other news, I need a hair cut pretty bad. I could just do it myself, may as well. But I’m so over my hair lol. Just cut it all off! Ahhh. I’m too picky to go to a hair dresser. In fear that they’ll mess something up. But whatever. I have to man up eventually. Maybe Tuesday? We’ll see. Tomorrow we’re going to Value Village I think. I also need to go to the bank, & carve my pumpkin!!

Oh yeah, so it’s halloween weekend. It’s only Friday night, but there was lots of people dressed up today/tonight. It was cool as. Really wish I was getting in on the festival spirit! But I didn’t want to be the only one doing it, and the other two wouldn’t do it. So yeah, there goes that 😦

Anywhoooo. I’m falling asleep here, so I’m going to head to bed. Even though it’s my day off tomorrow, I need to sleep! Nighty night!

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