Day 194


It’s the day before Halloween, and you can already see the crazyness of Vancouver showing! Heidi & I went out today, first to the bank so I could bank my pay. The bank was totally decorated Halloween style, and the tellers were all dressed up in costume! Dracula served me. Heidi was served by a witch. Good stuff! On our way out of the mall we were handed a flyer about a bake sale down the road, so we went to that. I got some shortbread cookies (MMMMM!!!) and Heidi got ginger bread cookies..

After that we went to the Thrift store, then Value village. I went easy today on my Value Village spree & only bought 2 new blanket things for Hercules’s cage! I’m so good. Afterwards, we headed back to New West & went to the fruit & veg store cause we were going to get another pumpkin, seeing as we already had one at home. I was trying to insist Heidi on getting herself a pumpkin to carve, but she really wasn’t fussed & couldn’t be bothered carrying it home. So we didn’t get a pumpkin. We headed home then cause we had to go out to go downtown for the haunted house, so we quickly went home to put the fruit & veggies away & pick up Dom.

When I opened the fridge to put the stuff away, the shelf on the side somehow gave way and fell and my olive jar (full jar, I hadn’t even opened it yet!) smashed to the floor & broke. Olives went everywhere. Olive juice went everywhere. And glass went everywhere. I was down on the ground picking up olives, and accidentally leaned my hand down in a spot I thought wasn’t affected. I was wrong. Now I have a cut on the palm of my hand. Skillful! SAVE THE OLIVES!

We had to rush out to the bus after that, then we headed to Joyce skytrain station, where we jumped on the 41 bus. We were on that bus for AGES. It didn’t help either that it was so full & we were standing & it was insane. When we were getting on, Heidi thought some random man was the bus driver & tried asking him if it goes to Dunbar street. He just shrugged and looked confused, so Heidi was confused. LOL. It was funny.

We finally got to the Dunbar Haunted House & lined up. We were like an hour early so we just stood around with a bunch of other people, all in line. FINALLYYY we got to go in, it was really good! It’s all done in someone’s house and yard. Google it, they’ve been running it for 6 years now apparently. Very well done. They have live actors in there as well that jump out at you and scare you or not. One of them told me “Jesus wants you” I lol’d. But yeah, very good. Heidi screamed, so much.

After that we headed home on the bus. About half way through the long bus ride back to Joyce, this woman got on & she was all dressed up with a very large pink fluffy hat and everything & she looks at everyone on the bus and says “Hello, I’m Mercedes & I’ll be your limo driver this evening” Naturally, we were all confused, because we clearly already had a bus driver…. I think everyone just figured she was a drunken passenger just getting on. But no, the bus driver got off his seat & actually left. This woman was now driving our bus! Random change over mid trip?!?! We were concerned, clearly!

She was entertaining though, she spoke to everyone who got on, told them she’s their limo for the evening & what not lol it was funny. Some little old Asian lady got on and told her she looked beautiful which made someone else on the bus start clapping ahaha. Crazy bus trips. OH! Speaking of crazy bus trips, on the way from our place to Lougheed, there was a man opposite me on the phone to someone swearing like crazy saying how he’s sick of it etc etc and he’s going to kill them? (whoever was on the phone) Then he was sitting there like talking to himself, swearing away, calling someone a whore, and then he started spitting at the newspaper? It was very concerning haha! Then he ended up on the phone again.  “I don’t care if you’re sorry, I’m not Jesus.” That line made no sense, but I lol’d. Everything else he said was like “My dad’s a Hells Angel so I’m not scared. You better be f$%#ing scared. I would be if I was you! My dad’s a Hells Angel, so I’m not scared of nothing.” “You’re gonna get death next year. You and your family!” “I want 1 million dollars by tomorrow and my job back at Global TV, or else you’ll get death next year!” “I’ll skin your son. I’ll chop off his penis and stick it in your mouth.” It was crazy stuff. And to top it all off, he sounded like the guy from Saw. FREAKY.

Anywhooo! Heidi & Dom went to White Spot for dinner, but it was already pretty late and I needed to get home and shower and what not for work, so I came home, showered, made dinner, and at the same time while making dinner I also carved my first ever pumpkin! It was very exciting. I had fun! I’m very proud of it too! LOL.



What do you think??? Did I do alright? LOL! Totally made my day.

And yeah! That’s it really. I also cleaned out Hercules’s cage and gave him the new sheet thing in there, so that’s him sorted. Nothing else really to mention, big blog. Enjoy! I’m off to sleep, it’s super late! I was occupied with carving my pumpkin to take note of the time for bed! Night!

    • Step Dad
    • October 30th, 2010

    Great job for the first time.

    What did you do with all the pumpkins in sides?
    That was what I always hated was cleaning out the inside of the pumpkin.

    • Haha thanks.

      I just threw all the insides out. I wasn’t sure what else to do with them? It was kinda weird inside the pumpkin lol I expected it to be full or something, but it was kinda empty in there haha

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