Day 195

Happy Halloweeeeeeeen!!

I haven’t decided if today was a good day, or a lame day. I guess it has it’s pro’s and con’s. But I got up ad went to work nice and early. Nerissa brought in her Pomeranian x Chihuahua, Romeo. He came to work for the day, it was good fun. He was dressed up for Halloween even!

Joe was also told today that he had to go and buy candy to give to people who come in dressed up, so he went to the Superstore & got a heap of candy & a big thing of small packs of chips. Unfortunately, no one came in dressed up!! So all day, we were eating the candy ourselves. Finally towards the end of the day we thought, okay… better start just handing it out to everyone. LOL. Still we have HEAPS of chips left over, and some chocolate!

The day was funner having Romeo there. It just seemed to go quicker cause we had him to play with. That & it was kinda busy today too. We had Romeo doing all his tricks and stuff in the morning lol he plays dead even, it’s cool as.

After work I needed to buy a bus pass for tomorrow, seeing as tomorrow is November, and no longer October, so my current bus pass won’t be valid! Anywhoo, first I went to the Superstore straight from work, they don’t sell them. So then I went and jumped on the skytrain & went to Lougheed. I went to Safeway from there & they also didn’t have any cause they were all out of the 1 zone pass which is what I needed! The lady was like “Sorry! We’ll have them in at 7am tomorrow morning though!” I’m  like yeah well that doesn’t help me, cause I still need to get here some how don’t I? So I left. I had to head over to London Drugs to try and get it there, and thankfully they did. But I asked for a little plastic sleeve thing that they come in & she said they were all out of them. It just wasn’t my day!

I also had to miss my bus to do all this, so I wasn’t pleased. But I got on the next bus just after 7. I was out for like 11 hours today, full time work is tough.

When I got off the bus I could hear fireworks going off everywhere. When I was walking down my street, there was lots of kids out trick or treating! I was so jealous. I really wanted to go trick or treating! D: when I was almost to our house, a family was letting off fireworks right across the street.

I stopped to watch lol. It’s so weird that people are just allowed to do that here. Firecrackers are illegal, but fireworks aren’t. So weird. All night fireworks have been going off all over the place, it’s so cool.

When I walked into our driveway I saw Lexi & Brodie standing up on their porch thing watching the people set off fireworks, then they told me to come trick or treat at their door lol so I started walking up the steps & they ran inside & said I had to knock on the door LOL. So I did, and got some candy. 😀 So at least I got one shot at trick or treating! They had a couple of pumpkins out front, so they showed me their pumpkins. They told me I could put mine out there too if I wanted, but I put mine on the back stairs instead, figured I’d decorate our patio too lol.

They also then invited me in through their house to get to the back instead of going around the side, and to say hi to their friends they had over. They had a lot of people over, so I said hi and chatted for a minute or so, then Lexi had to go she was going downtown or something, and Richard had to take her, and I left then too. I chatted to Richard for a bit though, nothing much.

Finally got home, fed Hercules, and yeah. Not much really. I was going to attempt cleaning my room and packing ahaha, but that didn’t go so well. I ended up going out front to watch more fireworks & bumped into Richard again returning from dropping Lexi off and he told me there was a place up the road that’s decorated their place really good so I said I’d go have a look. I came back inside to get some warmer clothes on cause I’d gone out front in a shirt & shorts even though it was kinda chilly outside it wasn’t too bad to just stand in for a few minutes lol. Heidi said she’d come for a walk then too so she did, she wasn’t that fussed on the place though. I thought it was pretty neat. Plus saw lots more fireworks. Also walked down to the front of the estate cause I wanted to take a photo of something I’d seen on the bus ride home lol

Ahaha, I love it. Very nicely done. Someone blocked out the “Cari”. Smart people lol.

Anywhoooo, I ended up Skyping to Sarah tonight for over an hour. Good stuff! So excited for them to get here! Not long now! I’m going to head to bed though, very tired. Working the late shift tomorrow, so I wont be home until late.. But it’s okay cause I have Tuesday off thankfully. I really need a haircut too, maybe on Tuesday I’ll have grown some balls & be able to deal with a haircut lol. We’ll see!


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