Day 196

Oh man, today went for agesssss. I started work at 12.30, and it was pretty slow. We had another food seminar thing tonight so that was pretty interesting. It started at 7, so at 6pm when Nicole & Andrew finished work, they went to the Superstore & Joe & I wanted cereal, as did Nicole, hence the trip down there. They had an hour to kill between 6 and 7 so they figured they’d go shopping lol. So we gave them some monies and they went to get us cereal 😀 good fun.

Then at 7, heaps of other people from other stores had come in for the seminar, Joe & I were the only ones being paid for the seminar lol as we were scheduled to work until 9pm anyways and this went 7-8.30 haha. Good stuff! We also got free dinner provided, which was pizza & pop. Yummeh.

The seminar was pretty interesting, it was for Natura pet food, they’ve recently been brought out by a big company who owns a lot of things so everyone was fearing there would be a change in the quality of the food etc so this seminar was basically them saying that nothings changing and what not. So yeah, interesting seminar. I’m learning a lot working for Tisol, it’s good, but at the same time it’s a tough thing to recommend things to customers. Tonight the guy doing the seminar basically said that with those of us who have gone to like just 8 seminars, we’re basically more knowledgeable than most vet’s in BC anyways. We were all talking about how just because a vet says something, doesn’t mean it’s a fact. I have to agree too, I think a lot of the people I work with know WAY more about things than a vet would, but at the same time for some issues, there’s just some things that you need to go to a vet for rather than just ask us at the pet store.. But yeah, good stuff.

Nothing else really happened today. I got the bus home with Nicole, haven’t done that in awhile with our shifts being all different lol. Other than the seminar, there wasn’t much excitement in the day. And having said that, I’m going to head to bed now. I’m super tired.. Night!

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