Day 198

Worked! Long day.. it was very slow and tiring.. ugh.

We basically just spent the day chatting, cause really it was so dead… Joe is going to Vegas next week, so we’ve been talking about that a lot lol he goes there often so he’s like a Vegas pro lol. He’s told me heaps about it, he says it’s really exciting and it’s like nothing else haha so I’m definitely excited!

In other news, the girls get here in like a week! They will be in the air this time next week! SO EXCITINGGGG. Can’t wait!

Oh, also, apparently I get a vacation bonus when quitting work, cause it’s vacation time I’m owed? I was saying how I don’t think I’ll get that cause I didn’t make the 3 months and what not but everyone says it doesn’t matter, you can work 1 day and still be entitled to it?? So yeah, it’s apparently 4% of what you’ve earned so far.. so that will be a nice little extra bonus I hadn’t accounted for!

Anywhoooo, for some reason I’m super tired. I blame not being able to sleep in anymore. I still haven’t cleaned my room either, poor Sarah, if I don’t get it done on Saturday she’ll have no where to sleep when she gets here. LOL.

Alrighty, I’m off, night!

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