Day 200

CELEBRATE! It’s day 200! I’m nice and over the half a year hurdle. It really doesn’t feel like it’s been that long. Oh my god, I’m going to blink and be 50 years old!

But other than time flying by so fast, I worked today.. which slows down the day flying by! It was a super slow day, as per usual. We did supplies all day really, took photos of dogs, played with a 5 week old kitten, recommended food, met a lady with a really pretty German Shepherd & gave her a hand with her food out to her car, which turned out to be an RX8. It was silver. It had roof racks, I lol’d. I told her Monte had one, and she was saying how she reckons she must be the only RX8 owner game enough to put roof racks on and “destroy” it that way ahahah. I told her about the RX8 meets in Australia & she said you’re obsessed Monte. HAHA.

There was also a double rainbow today. One of them was perfect, like the most perfectest rainbow ever. Full arch and everything. So clear, it was great. The 2nd one was in front of it, slightly faded towards the top, but you could see the sides of it fine. It was cool as. I made everyone come look at it. Nicole said I was overly excited, therefore we don’t have rainbows in Australia! Uncool!

In other news, it’s basically 6 days until the girls get here! And I also only have 6 shifts left at work! Exciting stuff! I managed to clean up more of my room tonight. Packing is just not working for me though. Especially not if I want any space to have left in the bag for things I accumulate on the way.. Sigh. I’d take my suitcase, but the one I came here with is basically broken now. It was broken when I left, and it died more on the way. I think it would be utterly ruined after a month of traveling the USA..

Speaking of packing, I’ve got my list of stuff I need to buy still.. I think I might just leave most of it for until we’re in the US. I’m sure it’ll be cheaper there anyways.. like an iPod wall charger and what not.. Eh. We’ll see how it goes. Anywhoo, I might head to bed. I’m pathetic, I know, it’s 10pm on my night off and I’m heading off to bed. lIFE IS GREAT! >_<

    • g-ma
    • November 6th, 2010

    ‘Life is great’

    What a wonderful observation Jess and how very positive

    Makes me think of the lovely scent in the air and the music in the airways..

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