Day 201

Ahh.. so I had a day off today, and it’s my last day off before the girls come! So I actually did attempt to clean the room, and I did move everything around so there is a space for a bed.. or whatever we decide to put in there …. eh.

I was planning to stay home all day and chill, but then I remembered I needed phone credit, so out I went. Met Heidi down in New West while I was there and we went and got some veggies at the fruit & veg store, then I went and got more yogurt from Safeway. Also got some brownie mix, cos we’re gonna make brownies for when Ash & Sarah get here! Yummeh!

I feel cramped in my room right now, like my bed is here, then there’s my bed side table, then a shelf thing right next to it no space, then right next to that it’s touching my desk and so I can basically reach my desk chair from my bed lol. And at the end of my bed I have my other shelf thing, and my 2nd bed side table is just in the middle of the room. It’s kind of like sectioned off half the room, cos I had to make space for where Sarah’s bed is gonna end up going! I was nice too, I figured I’d give her my 2nd bed side table lol. After all, we do have to share this room for 3 months…

Nothing else exciting to report really. Average day. Daylight savings kicks in tonight at 2am, so we technically gain an hour. So I’m not too sure how I’m going to go about setting my alarm or what not.. Like I’m confused, if I wake up at 1.59am, and watch my clock, is it going to tick over and become 1am again? Or am I spose to change that myself?? Cause I can’t seem to find an option on my Blackberry to change the time like that. It’s set on “GMT -8:00 US & CANADA” so I’m just going to leave it at that, and hope for the best. It’s a smart phone, so it should be smart and help me out on this one! Right??

To be safe I might set my iPod (which is still set on Aus time) for the time I need to wake up.. Ahh! What about my watch?? I wonder if it will switch over or not?? Man, daylight savings sucks. *DST NOOB* Can you tell I’m from Queensland?!

I’m off to attempt sleep + 1hr. Night!

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