Day 202

Work work work!

There’s a new girl at work, she’s the one they hired to replace me.. I found out that she’s just come back from spending like a year and a half on the Gold Coast, studying at Bond! FINALLY someone will understand what I’m talking about! With my “Aussie slang” HAHA. We talked about Robina Town Center & the Vmax cinemas and what not. Good stuff.

Nerissa also brought 2 of her landlords kittens in today, they’re like 7 weeks old. Very cute. She brought in the 2 black ones, cause Nicole (She’s from the other store generally, only works at our store on Sundays – this isn’t the Nicole I refer to at other times lol), was planning to adopt one. So Nerissa brought them in for Nicole to play with and meet and what not. I took one out and took him over to the cat post haha it was very cute. I got the cat toy thing that’s like feathers on a stick and was playing with him on the cat post. He was very playful lol like leaping out of the hole in the top of the cat post box and leaping for the toy lol. I’m not much of a fan of cats, but this was entertaining.

Other than that, it was an average day really. Some lady came in with two of her lovebirds in tiny little cute travel cages, very smartly done. She brought them in to meet Kevin – our store lovebird. Kevin is a girl, just so you know. I don’t think this lady realized though cause she brought in both of her female lovebirds and was like “Look at the pretty girlies, Kevin.” If she was hoping that they’d become mates, she’s way off. CAUSE KEVIN IS A GIRL! Haha! It was funny. Joe didn’t catch on while the lady was saying it, I explained to him afterwards…

Joe’s going to Vegas in 2 days! I told him to bring me back some coupons or something if he finds anything good lol! I took some Australian money in today to show them, Joe’s been asking for awhile. They were so confused and weirded out by the 50c being so big and weirdly shaped ahaha. It was entertaining. Joe says we have like the most advanced money in the world..? Our notes I mean.

I skyped with Sarah tonight. Good times. She’s still not packed, and she leaves in like 2 days!! HURRY UP SARAH!. I don’t know how we’re all going to survive without even 1 laptop on this trip. Oh my.

Oh, I also convinced Sarah to get a Blackberry when she gets here! So that she can go with WIND! I really should work for WIND, I only praise them every time I mention my phone or plan or what not! Dear WIND, PLEASE HIRE ME!!

Anywhoooo.. I’m going to head to bed now. I’m working the later shift tomorrow, but I’m still tired now. Night!

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