Day 203


In other news, it’s getting much colder! It was like 5 degrees on my way home tonight. Insane. It didn’t actually feel too cold, like it felt the same as going to work in the mornings at 8-9 degrees. It’s good stuff. Gonna be seeing snow in no time hopefully! Actually, I hope the snow stays away for awhile, I don’t wanna miss it here!

I went to work today, it was very slow.. I’ve learned so much working there, it’s very beneficial! There’s still so much though to learn on top of everything, but I clearly don’t have time to learn all that in my last week there 😦 ah well. Time to job hunt again when I get back from this trip! What should I be next?? LOL.

I really dont have much to write about tonight. I’m cold and tired and I just want to go to bed. So I think I’m going to put the laptop away and lay down to play sudoku in bed! Story of my life! Still waiting for this Acekard to come! Then I can lay in bed and play Sims 3, or GTA, or Guitar Hero, or whatever I feel like playing! Ugh!


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