Day 204

Ah, what an eventful day..

Started off with me waking up at 5am. Ugh. Back to sleep around 6.30, then up again at 9! I got up and cleaned Hercules’s cage out, and everytime I walked by him he was on his wheel but stopping so that I wouldn’t see him run ahaha, so funny.

I headed off to work, and the weather was insane. Very wet and windy! Like wild wind, my umbrella wouldn’t stay up properly and I was still pretty much soaked from the rain coming under my umbrella sideways! My first customer of my shift was this woman, who when I asked her how she was, she went on to speak REALLY FAST, about how her and her mum are the “strongest survivors in Canada” and that they have some problem or something & doctors are amazed that they’re alive etc etc. She was speaking soo fast, and after her talking for awhile I realized clearly something wasn’t screwed in right in her head.. Mid sentence (like 10 minutes into the conversation) she goes “I don’t want to put all this on you, I like your hair what do you use on your hair? I should use that on my hair, I have bad hair. When I was younger, like 20 years ago, cause I’m 40 now, I was the first in the city to have a bob haircut, yeah, yeah, that place down on Granville street, first one ever, yep, you’re very beautiful, very simple. I like your hair” and she went on and on and on.. it was weird. Then she was asking if I knew her mum cause she comes in here often etc.. It was awkward. Then finally she left, and Teri looks at me and goes “was she talking about hair that whole time??” lol!

About 2 hours later, I answered the phone at work, as you do when it rings, and first thing I hear was “Hello, yes, I was there today at 12.06pm and served on till 1, you’re very beautiful, yeah, I just want you to know I report all receipts to the (insert wherever it was… I couldn’t understand her lol) and yours was very good, all fine, no problems, you’re very beautiful, Jodi from the hospital is trying to steal my necklace, you’re beautiful, bye”  SO AWKWARD. Ugh! Right now I’m glad I’m leaving that place. LOL. I told the others about her, and they all know who her mum is and what not, Nerissa said that the same woman told her she should be a model & she wanted to be a model when she was younger etc lol. Very awkward!

Anyways! The day was pretty average. On my way home tonight on the Skytrain, we got to Holdom, which is about the halfway point between my stop for work & Lougheed, and when the people at that stop got on they were looking into the train part in front of our part, like it was the same train just different carriages. They were saying something about smoke and fire so everyone else turned around to look, and you could smell the smoke by then.. I got up to have a look as well and I couldn’t see much by then, the smoke must have cleared out with the doors being opened. The Skytrain man came running over to investigate and eventually there was a notice over the speaker saying the train was now out of service. So we all had to get off! I think what happened was cause there’s heaters on the Skytrain, one of the heaters must have been covered accidentally with newspaper that was lying around. Newspaper is always just all over the place on the train. People kinda leave it there for the next person to read. But this one must have got in the way of the heater, so yeah!

So we all got off the train, and had to wait for the next one. While off the train and waiting I noticed the guy in the wheelchair that I see often on my bus, he was there too. I figured with this delay we were going to miss our bus, but was just hoping I’d make it. I was standing on the next train and he was next to me pretty much, we’ve never talked but I knew he was always on my bus and apparently he knew I was on the bus too lol. I kept looking at my watch in hope I’d make it.. and he kept looking at his too. When we were almost at Lougheed we saw a bus go by and he was like damn! which bus is that?? I was like it’s the 136. Then he goes “Ahh, our bus comes in like one minute. Crap.” I was like lol he knows I get his bus.. Awkward!

I let him go out first when we got to the stop, I probably shoulda gone first to try and run but once I got out the doors I saw the bus leaving, so there was no point 😦 So annoying. So I went and sat at the bus stop and waited. While waiting, there was a couple of other people around there waiting too and then this man came over and was standing next to me and asked this other guy who was talking to the girl sitting next to me if they had a smoke. The kid was like “Nah man, I don’t smoke. But if I did I would give you one!” Then they were talking about the World Cup randomly? Lol. Then the dude started talking to me he was like “Hey princess, what you listening to?” and he reached for my other iPod headphone and I was like yeah it’s broken.. Cause I’ve only got one working headphone on that pair lol. Then he was like oh man, that’s no good ey, I’ll just have to do some breakdancing for everyone ey. Ahaha. Strangee… Then he was asking the kid he asked for the smoke if the girl next to me was his girlfriend, then if I was his girlfriend, then cause he said no to both the guy was like “Well just pick one man! Two pretty ladies sitting right here, just point at one, it’s all good.” Very awkward and strange lol. Funny Vancouver characters..

FINALLYYY the bus came, I was freezing by this point. It was like 5 degrees out and raining and it was horrible to sit in for half an hour! The wheelchair guy finally got there too, he ended up going to Subway lol smart! That guy knows everyone I swear, every time I see him there he finds someone he knows. This time it was the kid who got asked for a smoke. So they were talking lol. Such a small world I reckon lol. Finally we all got on the bus, and I finally got home! Ugh! Long day! Now it’s getting closer to midnight and I really gotta head to bed. I’m working 9.30 tomorrow 😦

OH, BY THE WAY!! SARAH AND ASHLEY ARE FINALLY UP IN THE AIR!! EN ROUTE VANCOUVER! So happy! Epic excitement! Sucks though that they have to stay in LA tomorrow, otherwise I’d be seeing them tomorrow!! But noo, Thursday afternoon 😦 I have a count down and everything, like counting the hours lol! I’m cool like that.

Alrighty, better head off to bed. Night!

    • g-ma
    • November 9th, 2010

    Hey Jess, photo! of your hair!!!

    • Mum
    • November 12th, 2010

    You’re very beautiful, you know………

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