Day 205


Not even one more day! 16 hours!!

Today was very eventful at work, it was great actually. Got on the bus and Nicole was there, our last shift together that’s the same time! Haha. So we chilled on the Skytrain, read the paper, as you do. When we got to work there was heaps of cars out front, and lots of people already inside. It was just after 9, and we’re not even open until 9.30 lol. Turns out we were having a big event thing with Global TV they were filming lots of stuff cause our boss does segments on there often with pet stuff. So we had lots of the animal rescue places come in and say a few things on camera about needing help and what they do etc.

So many animals! I finally held a ferret today, they’re interesting little things. Patted some huge rabbits, snake, tortoise, kittens, chinchilla, african grey parrot, a huge  blue hassan macaw. There was even a little hedgehog! I was talking to the lady about it and she was saying how they’re in great need of people to foster, and the poor little hedgehog, totally needed somewhere to go! I wanted to take her then and there! She was also half the size of Hercules! Cute. So I’ve decided I’m going to do hedgehog fostering when I get back from the trip! 😀 They supply the caging and supplies like bowls etc.. I don’t know if they supply the wheel, but that’s not too bad.. I have a spare technically!

So that went on for awhile, then the last thing Global TV guys wanted to film was someone walking in and “dropping off” food for donation to edit into the public service announcement/commercial that this was all for. They asked me if I wanted to do it and I was like noooo! So then Nicole jumped at the chance to do it, she was like I’ll do it!!! So as they were explaining to her what to do, I was standing around the register, which happened to be in view, and they told me that I’ve got to be in it and what to do. I was like oh my.. LOL. So it’s going to be a very AWKWARD commercial/PSA. HAHA! It probably looks so awkward, and I look like shit I know that! Cause I didn’t wash my hair last night!! But I’m sure I’ll post a link to it or something if I ever find it or record it haha! It wont be out for awhile though. Nicoles excited to see it. LOL!

After all that excitement, we went about our normal days work.. Until about 4.30, when we had yet another seminar! This time it was for Natural Balance pet food. Every seminar they give us free food, which is pretty sweet. But we’ve had pizza so many times in the past week we didn’t want pizza again tonight! So when asked what we wanted this time it was basically “no pizza!” We ended up getting Boston Pizza, which no, is NOT only pizza. They basically have a bit of everything kinda, like their slogan is “pizza, pasta, ribs” I had pasta! Not too sure what everyone else got. It beats pizza obviously.

That seminar was actually pretty exciting, there was only us 4 girls who got to watch it, cause Teri & Andrew had to watch the floor. The guy who did it was pretty good with it, like he gave us a little quiz thing and we were split up into two teams, like 2 in each team lol. I was with Nerissa, lucky! I really didn’t have to do anything, she knew it all. LOL. And obviously, we won! 😉 We won 2 McDonalds voucher card things each, but we have no idea how much is on them! Too bad they’re only valid in Canada, I guess I’ll have to use them up this week 😦 HAHA. Would be helpful to know how much is on them though too….

After that it was 6pm anyways, I missed out on my last break because of the seminar.. but oh well. Nicole & I wanted to go to the superstore to get some cereal, and Andrew figured he would too.. so he drove us all down there (it’s only down the road.. except we had to go around the block to get there lol busy street!) So we all went in and got cereal, ahaha funny. Then Nicole and I walked to the Skytrain, and headed homee!

And yep, now I’m home. I showered, and watched Hellcats. Nothing fascinating! I’m getting ready to go to bed now, it’s almost 11pm and I feel like a 6 year old on christmas eve. LOL. So excited for tomorrow! Hopefully Heidi can make it to the airport on time too! The girls land at 2.30, but Heidi isn’t out of work until 2, and probably won’t make it until 3.30 cause it’s a public holiday so the bus times are whack D: We’ll see how it goes though I guess. I’m going to make brownies in the morning for the girls ahaha, yummy. Also got to go via work and pick up/eat my salad I left there today! I was gonna have it on my last break, but the seminar.. and Boston Pizza.. Sigh! It won’t last until Friday, and I would like to eat it! So I’ll go in and grab that on my way to the airport I think!

Anywhooooo, that’s it! I’m off to sleep now, night!

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