Day 206


HAHAH. I took this on the screen as we waited for them to come out. I FOUND THEM!

I was up at like 4.30am this morning texting Alexis, I dunno why. She texted me and I woke up and replied and then couldn’t get back to sleep cause it was so cold. I got up again then at about 9.30 and then had to get started on the day!

I cleaned up a bit, had breakfast, made brownies, etc etc! Then at about 12.30 I had to head out en route to the airport! The bus ended up being late, so I didn’t actually leave until like 1 from here, then got to the airport just after 2. Heidi wasn’t finishing work until 2 so she had to rush there, but I figured I’d get there on time just in case.

I waited around for awhile, like an hour haha. Heidi finally got there and before she could say anything I jumped up and pointed at the screen thing and was like THERE THEY ARE!! So it was epic timing by Heidi! Luckily! Then we ran over to wait for them and greet them, Heidi cried ahaha.

We then had to lug all the bags to the Canada Line Skytrain, then headed Downtown to transfer to our other Skytrain.. Went to 22nd street instead of Lougheed cause otherwise we would have had to switch at Commercial and the bags were so heavy! Got on the bus, got home. Yay!

We dragged the bed into my room, set it up, set up Ashleys bed, everything is sweet. I introduced them to Hercules, and we made pasta for dinner too. After dinner we went upstairs to introduce the girls to the landlords, and we sat around for almost an hour just chatting about stuff.

Now we’re back home, and I’m not feeling too great. Kinda feeling hot and sick like.. Too many brownies and snakes and caramel slices, ugh. Although it’s like a cold sick feeling haha. Head cold. Yuck. Kill me nowwww.

I might head off to bed then, night!

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