Day 207


Today I woke up at my normal time to get ready for work, and it was tough tryna get ready for work cause Sarah was asleep in my room, and Ashley was asleep next to the bathroom! But I did it and apparently neither of them heard me at all! WIN.

I went to work, it was tiring. I only have one more shift left though! I took in a bag of Caramello Koalas & Flakes and everyone really liked them LOL I’m pretty sure they didn’t last the whole shift. Work was pretty average really, as always. Had yet ANOTHER seminar tonight about a product called Recovery. It’s really good stuff, lots of people who I work with use it for themselves and their pets. So I got a sample for people & a sample for pets, I’m going to start using it once I get back from the trip so that I can actually use it as recommended rather than just when I find time on the trip lol.

I got to leave work at 5.30 cause I didn’t get my last break cause of the seminar, Adam got to leave then too. I also got to write 30 minutes over time for my Wednesday shift because I missed my break then too cause the seminar. So that’s sweet as lol. I got home just after 6, and sat down to join everyone watching Gossip Girl. After dinner I asked Sarah if she wanted to go and get her phone now, so we went down there just after 8. Ashley came with us too!

They wanted to go to Tim Hortons, so we did. They got a donut thingy and a box of 10 Timbits. I think that’s what they’re called? We were totally expecting the price to be like $4 or something, but it was $2.80. WITH TAX. We kinda just stood there stunned lmao. So we sat and ate that for awhile and talked. Then we finally decided to head over to WIND. The girl I normally talk to in there was working so that was good, we basically went in and whilst getting Sarah’s phone we chatted for AGESSSS about stuff and Australia etc lol it was fun as. We were all pissing ourselves laughing. That chick should be Australian we decided LOLOL.

We seriously went in there at like what, 9pm? I think we left the store at about 11.30….. LOL. The last 10mins of the time in there we spent finding a DVD to watch, cause the WIND store is IN the Blockbuster store haha. It was good fun, really was. We even had a good chat/laugh with the chick working at Blockbuster ahahaha. Fun times.

Afterwards we had just missed the bus at 11.30, so we walked back to Tim Hortons so we didn’t have to sit in the cold rain. The girls got a hot chocolate each and we sat down for a bit to chill. Finally then we headed out to the bus stop, and yeah! Now we’re home and it’s like almost 1am and I’m super hungry but eh. We were gonna watch our DVD tonight but I wouldn’t be able to stay awake.. too tired! D:

Gonna take them out to Walmart tomorrow haha, they want pillows, and we want to get stuff to make nachos! MMMM! Super excited for nachos for dinner tomorrow! YAY.

Alrighty, gonna go to sleep now.. night!

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