Day 208


Today I got to sleep in, and it was good. I think I woke up just before 10, and Ashley was also waking up around then. We both sat down and decided we wanted to play Monopoly! Sarah came along too soon after and wanted to play as well. We all got our breakfast too and sat to play with that ahaha.

It was an epic game of Monopoly, seriously took us like 3 hours. I won, just saying. I think I owned basically the whole board, and had all the hotels, it was epic. LOL. When we realized how long we’d been playing we kinda then had to rush to get ready to go out.

First we went down to New Westminster to drop by WIND again cause we couldn’t find Facebook app for Sarahs phone. The guy couldn’t think of anything except to put my sim in her phone and to download it from my sim. Weird, but nevertheless, it worked. Haha! After that we went to the bank to exchange some US monies. I figured we’d all have a hard time using $100 notes in the US at food places and stuff, so we got 20’s and 10s and 50s. And yeah! I still don’t know how I’m going to use money there, like it’s going to cost me a fortune on my card with $5 transaction fees every time! Sigh!

After the bank we were heading to the bus and ran into Heidi finishing work. So we all jumped on the bus, but Heidi got off at our stop to go home cause she didn’t want to come to Walmart with us. She doesn’t find Walmart exciting lol but we had a ball. We bought a lot actually, got gloves for 69c and I got some soup & the girls got pillows and yep, fun stuff. Oh we also got stuff for dinner tonight, which was nachos! IT WAS EPIC. Best meal in ages. So good. I’ve missed nachos.

We watched Splice tonight. That weird people/animal hybrid movie. It was seriously weird ahaha, but we laughed the whole way through. Good times. We also had popcorn cause I got it for free yesterday at Blockbuster for having a SPC card (Student Price Card) the bank gave me it! All is good.

After the movie I let Hercules out and he was running around, Ash & Sarah were taking photos of him lol they think he’s cute. He was on Sarahs hands and he was licking them like mad ahah then he started nibbling on them. It was funny. Sarah thinks he’s very cute for that.

Anywhooo, it’s late again, and I have work tomorrow. LAST DAY OF WORK AT TISOL! D: How sad, they’re fun people. Silly Canadians have taught me a lot, apparently I say works like they do too cause Ashley & Sarah keep mocking me for things I say. Eh! HAHA.

Alrighty, I’m off to sleep. Gotta go to bed super early tomorrow night too cause then we have to get the 6.15am bus on Monday morning to get to the airport in time to pick up Victoria!!


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