Day 209

Last day of work at Tisol! My new era of being a pet nutritional person thing has come to an end, and I really did learn a lot. I feel knowledgeable now, basic knowledge in the area anyways! Enough to suffice!

They bought a platter thing of veggies to work today for me/everyone as my thing for my last day, cause I’m a vegetarian.. HAHA. I think I ate the whole thing of cherry tomatoes, as well as almost the whole thing of baby carrots.. yummm. Good times. I also had a special job today, which was to put heaps of christmas window decals up. It was a job specifically for me apparently lol there was a note from Teri saying for me to do that and to enjoy my last day, naw!

So yeah, work was pretty average other than that. A couple of the regulars came in with their awesome dogs and so I got to play with them one last time! Didn’t tell any of the customers I was leaving, it’s not like we’re on that kind of basis lol they just said “see you next week” and I just said yeah, see ya. Haha.

Came home tonight, cold and tired, very hungry, showered, had food, the usual! Watched some funny YouTube stuff with Sarah & Ashley. We were laughing at random stuff, getting abs from laughing. Ashley said we’d be “ripped” ahahah.

And that’s it really! It’s midnight now, really have to get to sleep! Have to get on the bus at like 6am tomorrow to get to the airport in time to pick Victoria up! Obviously none of us are going to be too happy with her getting here so early! But breakfast at Wafflehouse should make up for that!


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