Day 210

Today was seriously such a long, long day.

Woke up at 5.30am, had to head out to the bus by 6am. It was cold, and wet. Not cool! We made it to the airport though by 7.30 and Victoria got in about 15 minutes later! We got Tim Hortons hot chocolate in the airport before we left there, yummeh!

We basically headed straight home, and I think we got home closer to 10.30am. We basically dropped her stuff off and picked up Dom then rushed back out again to go to Wafflehouse for breakfast! It was very yummy, I’ve been craving waffles for ages! So good to finally get to eat some haha!

After breakfast I needed to go to the post office to pick up my Acekard! So I said I was going there and Victoria, Ashley & Sarah came with me. We had to get the bus almost to our stop, but instead the stop before it so we were almost already at the top of the hill. It was a longg walk, it felt like forever. And not to mention it was pouring down rain, making it super cold. I couldn’t feel my toes at all, they were soaked and frozen!

Thankfully the post office did have it! So I was excited for that! The girls all decided it was time to buy an umbrella, finally. LOL. I told them to bring one when they come here, but no one listens to me! After that we walked part way home, then just caught the bus 2 stops the rest of the way down the hill. It was a really cold day! We were soaking wet! LOL.

We all came home and basically just chilled. Sarah, Ashley & Victoria all had showers to warm up, then Victoria went and had a sleep. Sarah was watching Top Gear on her laptop and laughing hysterically to herself for a bit. Ashley was on her laptop, and I was on mine. Dom & Heidi were asleep too I think. Eventually everyone got up and we all watched some episodes of Gossip Girl season 4 in the lounge room.

At about 5.30-6ish we decided to head out to go Downtown to go to Moose’s Down Under Bar & Grill, we went there once before but this time we decided to take everyone. It was pretty good, I had a veggie burger, again. It was just that nice lol. Very messy though, but nice. Felt very full and bloated though tonight, totally going to be obese once I get back from this trip! D:

On the way home there was heaps of leaves on the bridge over pass thing, so we were kicking them around and we picked them up and threw them in the air lol it was fun! But they were still very wet and I got some straight to the side of the face. Yuck and wet! D:

Tonight when we got home we just watched more Gossip Girl. The house is pretty crowded with 6 people, it’s kind of insane. Takes us AGES to get ready to go anywhere cause so many people and only 2 rooms and 1 bathroom lol it’s tough. We’re all gonna have to get up HEAPS early on Saturday morning just to get ready to leave for our trip!

Nothing else much happened today really, I just finally got the Acekard to work properly on my DSi! Yay! Now to put some games on and check it out! I’m super tired too, so I think I’m actually going to fall asleep before I get the chance to play. Definitely sleeping in tomorrow! Nighty night!

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