Day 211

Rise & Shine! No, not really. We slept in until about 10am today, it was good stuff. Haven’t had a good sleep-in in ages.

We all slowly woke up, one by one really. I was up first, cause I’m like that. When Victoria came out to have breakfast she had some of my cereal & then she came to sit down & goes “the cereal just got raped by the sugar” I was like “…what sugar?” She looked at me like “…that sugar?” I was like LOL. It’s salt! Not sugar! Funny funny.

After that we all headed out to go Downtown to check out Stanley Park! Walked around it for a bit, everyone was taking photos everywhere lol. We sat down to play with some ducks for awhile too, I was trying to offer the duck some leaves so it could think it was bread, but it failed. So an older woman offered me some bread to feed LOL.

Heidi & Dom didn’t want to go to the aquarium, so they went wherever else while we headed off to the aquarium! The aquarium was super fun! It was actually really nice. I think most of the animals (the big main ones anyways) were rescued ones, so like one of the dolphins had two tiny fins, and the turtle was missing the back bits off it’s back fins due to frostbite. It’s a pretty neat place!

I liked the sea otters šŸ™‚

After the aquarium we walked alllll the way back to Burrard station (long walk!) The girls were about to kill me cause I made them walk it, but it really wasn’t that bad! Was basically all flat! We went to the Superstore to go shopping for some food stuff. Victoria stocked up on so much food LOL. She’s so not going to finish it all by Friday! Then we had to carry all our stuff home on the train, and bus, then walk home. Oh the effort!

When we got home, Ashley made us all a risotto, it was good! We also watched another 2 episodes of Gossip Girl, so we’re almost caught up with what’s airing on TV. It’s almost 12 now and I’m tired as. These long days are wearing me out. I’ve been feeling like I want to skip blogging ahaha, but I know I can’t! Must blog before bed! My blogs are also pathetic too cause I’m too tired to put much effort into it! D: Sucky, I know!

Anywhooo! Gonna head to bed, night!

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