Day 212


I was the first one awake this morning, I can’t sleep in! D: I was up by about 9am, no one else was up until 10-10.30 really. Uncool! We basically had a pretty chilled day today, we sat around sorting out trip stuff, watching some TV, and playing Monopoly! I won Monopoly, yet again 😉

I also went in to work this afternoon to pick up my last pay check from them, I talked to them for a few a bit too. It was good fun working there, I liked the people. My Canadian friends! Aw. Ah well, life goes on!

I’d gone in to work myself, cause everyone else was going to White Spot for dinner. I didn’t want to go out for dinner cause I’m trying to conserve money & I’m going to be eating out for the next month, so I really didn’t see the point. Had perfectly good food at home! I had soup, it was grand!

Tonight we watched the next two episodes of Gossip Girl, so now I think we’ve caught up with the TV. Not that that’s now any good for us right before we head away! Haha! We also watched Harry Potter & The Philosopher’s Stone tonight, this is the start of our Harry Potter marathon before we go and see the new Harry Potter movie on Friday! We’re not watching them in order though because Heidi wants to watch only 5 and 6, none others. So while she’s at work we’re watching 2 & 3 (maybe 4 even if we can fit it) if not we’re going to watch 4 on Friday morning, and 5 & 6 Thursday night.. confusing, but we understand it!

Oh, we also gave Hercules a bath tonight lol funny thing. I was also picking him up without the towel! Just with my bare hands! It was a bit weird and sharp, but it wasn’t anything extreme! Funny little thing he is lol Victoria also thinks he’s sooo cute. Ahahaha.

And yep! That’s it for today really! Going to head to sleep now, might play a bit more DS before I fall asleep though, we’ll see! Night!

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