Day 213

“Woaahhh… I haven’t read it since like… day 52.. am I going to be in this one?” – Sarah.

LOLOL! That’s what she said after I said out loud “Day 213” I’m laughing to myself and won’t tell her why, I said she’ll just have to read it now. Ahahaha!

Anywhoo! Woke up at about 9 again today, no one else got up until after 10! I don’t think Victoria was up until closer to 12. What did I expect? Lol. We watched Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets this morning.. or this afternoon, either one. Then we got ready and went to New West to go to WIND to fix Sarah’s phone. She basically just got her Blackberry replaced cause the other track pad was faulty, so now all is good.

Then we went to the bank and I deposited my final checks and one of the ladies was talking to me about Tisol asking which store I worked at and saying how it was a lovely store LOL. Then I talked to the girl who was serving me for a bit. I don’t get it ahaha I make friends with all these random people I have to see often, I guess I just talked to them lots cause I had no one else to talk to the past few months! Like there’s another lady at the bank who remembers me every time I come in lol today she like said hello to me from across the room.

After that we went to Tim Hortons & got hot chocolates! Then we went to Safeway and bought some basics! Then we bussed home. When we were home we sat down and counted our US monies, and then wrote out a budget. This trip is going to be costly 😦 I don’t want to be a tight ass cause not being able to afford things, but I don’t want to not enjoy it all.. You know?? Ugh. Decisions.

We also watched Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix as well as Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince. Needless to say we’re very excited to be seeing Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows Part 1 tomorrow! As well as some supplies shopping tomorrow, it’s going to be a day that flies by… and we’re still not even packed for our trip! Ahh the excitement!!

Alrighty, gonna head to bed… Night!

    • g-ma
    • November 19th, 2010

    Hi Sarah, Victoria, Asley,
    Dom and Heidi

    quote “I don’t get it ahaha I make friends with all these random people I see often…”

    I recall from the past …. Jess horrified and mortified, blurting:
    ‘Grandma talks to anyone!’

    Chip off the old block Jess?

    But don’t you think it brings some sunshine into your life, no doubt badly needed in Vancouver in the Winter months.

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