Day 214


Yeah,  I’m out in shorts.. it was a sudden OMG run out type thing.. I came back in to get warmer clothes on don’t worry!

So the day started off normal, although we actually got up way earlier than normal. The girls set their alarms so they could get used to getting up early lol. We headed out on the 11am bus, did our shopping at Walmart, then came home. We were only home for about half an hour before we had to rush out again, and in that time we quickly made nachos for lunch! Mmm!

We headed out again to go Downtown to see Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows!! We got there at about 2.40 and it was a 3.20 movie and there was already a hugeeeeee line of people waiting to go into the theatre. We joined the line and waited, luckily we got seats all together. Dom & Heidi came after we were already in there cause Heidi had to come there straight after work. And yeah! We all watched the movie! It was pretty sweet, I cannot waitt for the next one! I actually feel like this one was too short, it was only just over 2 hours long I think. Could have done with another hour! I would have been TOTALLY fine for sitting there another hour! But ah well, now we wait, again!

After the movie we headed home, made dinner, everyone showered, and then we continued packing our bags! I still don’t think I’m entirely packed, I feel like I have too much, but at the same time not enough. I think it’s just cause I have a small bag in comparison with Victorias suitcase & Ashley’s huge bag thing. I’ll live!

At about midnight I was checking Twitter, as I do, and I noticed people I follow in Vancouver were talking about “white outs” and “blizzards” and I was like wth?? So I mentioned it to Sarah & said go check, so she went outside… came back in screaming like OMG COME LOOOK!!!! So we went out and yeah! Lots of snow! It was so fun. We banged on Heidi & Dom’s door and made them come out to see it too. We all got cold pretty quick & went back inside. Sarah & I loaded up with jackets & gloves and came back out again! Brodie came outside too and attacked us with huge snowballs. Sarah & I attempted to make a snow man too, but he kinda really failed. He’s also got leaves all over him! lol!

The sky is also a really pretty/interesting pinkish colour, which Brodie said was really weird and he’s never seen it before. He also said it’s insane and weird that it’s snowing in November, especially this much! So it’s pretty sweet! We’re totally going to have fun getting all our luggage into a taxi in 3 hours time in the snow and cold and then get on the bus to go to Seattle! Goodbye snow! I hope it’s like this, and better, when I get back in December 🙂

I’m going to go play with Hercules for a bit now, hopefully Heidi & Dom take good care of him while I’m away! After I play with him I might snooze for a bit before getting up to get ready.. Oh, also just a heads up, cause I’ll be on the train tomorrow night I might set up an automated blog just stating that basically.. Unless I manage to get on somehow myself or on my phone or something, we’ll see! Anywhoo, I’ll let you know how this big adventure goes! Bye!

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