Day 216

Hello! Guess what! It’s really me blogging again tonight, not my automated set up! Yayy!

So we made it to San Francisco. The train ride felt like the longest 24 hours of my life! It was still snowing Saturday morning when we were heading out to the station to leave en route Seattle. The bus trip to Seattle wasn’t bad really, wasn’t full. we each had 2 seats to ourselves at least.

Customs was a pain. Full interigation to the max. I had to pay $6 too to enter the US, I wasn’t happy. I didn’t have to do that when I entered in LA! So I was full like “please inform me why I have to pay this when I flew to Sydney & already had to pay over $160 for this stupid thing?” haha. But ah well.

I slept a little bit on the bus, I was having fun looking out the window. We didn’t have very long at all in Seattle, in fact the lady checking our bags told us to be earlier next time cause we almost didn’t make cut off for checked bags. Like we had a choice though, we’d just gotten off the bus!

When we got on the train we were excited cause we got seats at the front of the car so extra leg space. We were soon sick of these seats as we realized everyone kept walking through the car doors, never ending! and it was sooooo noisy! D:

I didn’t sleep mch, if any. it was bad. and to make it all worse, they turned the heating off at night & put on the aircon!!! it was that cold I was contemplating ripping off the curtains to use as a blanket. so cold! we were also sitting infront of an air vent thing that was very dusty as Victoria pointed out. this is the cause of my constant sneezing all trip too 😦

finallly it was over, then we got on another bus to go fr Emeryville to San Francisco. We had out heads at the window the whole time enjoying the scenic drive. got dropped off and away we went!

we walked to our hostel, turns out it’s in a bad area, like public housing aid area.. it’s creepy. the others are freaked out lol. Victoria really hates all the birds too!

our hostel room isn’t too bad, bunk beds & our own bathroom. bathroom is tiny and awkward but at least it’s not a share lol.

we went out today too. we wandered down by Union Square where we had Burger King for breakfast/lunch. wasn’t great at all. Sarah, Ashley & Victoria were all surprised with how large the medium drink is. it is pretty huge. LOL!

we walked somewhere else and ran into a sightseeing hop on hop off bus tour that’s $20 for 2 days so we got it & jumped on. it’s double decker, open top, so we sat up the top at the back. very cold! but neat as.

we got off at Fishermans Wharf & we walked down to Pier 33 to buy tickets for the Alcatraz night tour, only to find out it’s booked out until next Sunday, so we left. we went on the Golden Gate Boat Cruise instead and it took us to the bridge & around Alcatraz and told us heaps about it all too.

after the cruise we went souvenir shopping at Pier 39, then we went by a 7-11 & the girls got noodles for dinner. I had fruit loops for dinner, nice & simple. now were just back at the hostel chilling. Sarah is watching Top Gear, Victorias in bed & me & Ashley are out in the lobby for the wifi.

pretty tired now really, after my lack of sleep the past 2 nights. looking forward to free breakfast tomorrow. I think were also going to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch or dinner tomorrow too.

I’m also quite sick of my phone here, only SOS reception sucks. might drop my T-Mobile tomorrow & see what their prepaid data is like…

anywhoo, this was effort to type on my iPod. such is life. night!

    • g-ma
    • November 22nd, 2010

    Tired and all, you managed to make a pretty good blog effort Jess; Top Marks!

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