Day 217


It’s our last night in San Francisco tonight, and we didn’t really do all that much today.. oops.

We got up, had our breakfast here. it’s “free continential breakfast” but it was seriously only bagels, toast & juice. lame. you can pay $1 & get all you can eat pancakes, or eggs. we got pancakes!

after eating we headed out to Union Square where we jumped on the hop on hop off bus and went around the whole loop. it was pretty cool. we were trying to have a cheaper day. although we ended up going to the Burger Bar & all had beasty burgers. wasn’t that great to be honest. well mine wasn’t. yet to find a good veggie burger here…

after the Burger Bar we headed to the Cheesecake Factory. the girls all got a slice each, but I don’t like cheesecake so I didn’t get any. also saved myself like $7.50 haha.

we got a taxi back to the hostel, then chilled in our rooms and on the computers for a bit. we went out again to buy some food supplies for dinner & our travels tomorrow. we came home, showered, then went to the kitchen!

we made out dinner, which was just microwave meals & veggies to share. at the same time we were boiling eggs to make egg sandwiches for out sandwiches tomorrow. the bread we bought fails. so does the butter. so in general, our sandwiches suck! lol. we have chips & popcorn aswell though!

I’m in the process of teachig Sarah how to do the rubikscube, it’s difficult. were going to have to buy a 2nd one just so I can walk her through it easier lol. Ashley and I were watching some episodes of Glee on her iPod just before too. and now she’s gone looking for Sarah & Victoria & I’m not sure where… I’m in the lobby on one of the many couches now on my own. how awkward!!

anywhoo! tomorrow were en route to Los Angeles! bring it on, Hollywood. oh, we went into a charm bracelet store thing today, I’ve decided I should have started a charm bracelet just for travels. with a charm from everywhere I go. lol. saw some cool travel ones today. I’m pretty pathetic with souveniers..

k, I’m going to go look for the others now. laters!

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