Day 218


So we’ve finally made it to Los Angeles!! very exciting stuff! we had to get up at 5am today, got a taxi at 6 to the place we had to get our bus from, then the bus was late 5 mins, and we already only had 10mins to connect with our train.. so we weren’t happy.

then when we got to the next stop to pick up people we sat there for at least 20 minutes. he was just chilling really. we weren’t happy!

by the time we got to the station, the bus wasn’t there yet – thankfully. so we’d lined up to check in our baggage. but then the train came…. then the silly bus driver man came over & said we have to get on & were like well what about our bags??? “no time now” … wasn’t cool. so we ended up not checking our bags & just having to store them somewhere. turns out a lot of peoplehad to store their bags there too so it wads huge bag build up lol.

I slept for the first hour or so, it wasn’t very comfy. after that I got up & listened to my iPod while playing my DSi. time didn’t go as slow then!

I went to rinse my water bottle in the bathroom at one point and a man opened the door! I had locked it and everything! he shut it again quickly like “oh! sorry!” lucky I wasn’t on the toilet! geesh!

we finally arrived in Bakersfield, and had to get on another bus to LA. lots of people were on this bus, so were 2 seeing eye dogs. lol it made me laugh to be honest, it was a husband and wife, both blind, both with a seeing eye dog, and yet they were off in the garden taking the dogs to the toilet & cleaning up after them… how do they know where the dog pooed?!

the drive from Bakersfield to LA was pretty nice. so many cool hills/mountains. was excited to get to LA though! thought we were going to LAX but turns out we went to union station….. so we had to get a taxi to Marina Del Rey which costed us about $70! so lame.

our hotel isn’t too bad. it’s not great though either. I’m kind of annoyed that we paid an extra like $70+ for this “courtyard” thing which is just a tiny balcony thing with no views or anything. and were only on the 3rd floor lol. eh.

we went for a walk to tonight to find food. it’s a long walk from our hotel to the somewhat shopping stuff. but we ended up with Mexican food.. then we had Pinkberry for dessert. It’s like yogurt stuff with toppings.. wasn’t too bad. think i’d prefer ice cream though.

after eating we went to a food store thing called Ralphs. bought some fruit for snacks & breakfast and what not. we don’t have a bar fridge or a microwave even in our room so we cant stock up on anything. kind of sucky really.

and that’s basically it for the day. don’t know what tomorrows plans are… guess we’ll wait and find out! night!

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