Day 219


Woke up wayy before everyone else, so I got up and ate a banana for breakfast & played on my DSi for awhile. the others slowly started to wake then we eventually headed out for the day!

we walked to the bus stop, and got on the Big Blue Bus! it was busy, we had to stand. it was kinda weird, reminded me of a Vancouver bus, full of blacks & bums…….

we got off and went to the Santa Monica Pier! it was so nice. very pretty. just like in the movies. we walked around the pier for most of the day. the others had lunch at some seafood place, I didn’t cause it was all seafood, or chips. and I am SO over chips.

we got churros before heading down to walk on the beach. it’s really nice there, like I would live there. I’m no beach person but with the theme park there too, it’s amazing.

we then walked the other way, I was heading towards Venice beach. figured I’d just walk and eventually find it. we passed Muscle Beach. very interesting! there was some insane crazy fit people there! I was considering climbing the rope but figured I’d look silly lol!

kept walking, it was all so nice. I think we were a couple of blocks away from Venice before the others all decided they were over it & wanted to go. I don’t think they realized that we didn’t actually make it to Venice….

finally went and got back on the bus en route hotel. had to get two buses. on the 2nd main bus home, two black girls who were about 15 started talking to us cause they noticed we had an accent. they asked us a billion questions about Australia, then asked us if our hotel was in the hood.. they also told us not to go to Crenshaw lol. they were asking us if we like black guys, and went on about ‘jungle fever’ ahaha.

while they were talking to us there was another older girl sitting on the same seat as Ashley who joined in the conversation too. it was pretty funny. we all had fun.

when we got off the bus we went to some place where the others got dinner. I didn’t want anything there cause it was pretty much all just meat and some random gross crap…

I wanted Subway or something, but we walked straight home basically. so when we got back here I had an apple and a banana.. almost out of my fruit that I bought last night! ugh. either way, I’m hungry…

watching Hellcats at the moment, sucks it’s an old episode though 😦 going to head to bed now.. think were just having a chill day tomorrow, going to IHOP too I think.. we’ll see. night!

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