Day 220


I was first up again, annoying. it’s thanksgiving today here in America! so happy thanksgiving!

we went to IHOP for breakfast today, turns out so did a billion other people.. not much else was open though in the area so no surprise really.

it was an epic meal. I had a waffle, then I had 2 out of Sarahs 4 choc chip pancakes, they were beasty. such effort to eat! but we all managed. I don’t think Ashley finished her 4… Sarah didn’t even finish the last one of hers…

after IHOP we headed to a different bus stop and jumped on the Metro bus, we just asked where to go and the lady driving the bus said she’d tell us where to get off.

eventually she told us when to get off, and we felt so lost. like we were in some random location! very awkward! but finally the next bus came by to take us to Hollywood!

got to Hollywood, yay! it was pretty epic. we did the walk of fame, took photos of our feet on all the stars, did the hand and foot prints, checked out souvenir stores etc! good fun!

it was getting late eventually so we jumped in a taxi to head home. we didn’t really want to be on the buses for over an hour in the dark.. creepy.

taxi home was about $50. eh! but oh well. we’ve booked tomorrow, we have to be out front at 8.50 to get a shuttle bus thing to Universal Studios and then after they take us on a LA night tour! we’ll see how that all goes!

I’m off to bed now, night!

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