Day 221


woke up at 7.45 am! was out our door by 8.45. we got picked up from our hotel by the tour company. then we had to go to another hotel to pick up another couple, then to the tour place where we paid and got our tickets.

after that we headed to our bus to Universal Studios! it was a nice drive, the driver spoke the whole way telling us stuff. he was cool. finally we arrived at Universal… already, just wow.

I loved Universal Studios. I want to live there, and work there, and everything else. the studio tour was epic. just epic. our tour person sounded like Bugs Bunny! no joke. that or almost Matthew Broderick I reckon.

I really did like the studio tour. the sets were so cool. just epic. it was great. I’d do it over and over again.

we also went on the Simpsons ride, it was so well done I liked it. The haunted house thing was pretty good too, but Victoria & Ashley couldn’t handle it so Sarah & I continued alone. Sarah & I also went on the Mummy ride which the other two didn’t way to do. the wait was about 15 mins, it was actually pretty good. although it was way too short. it really had so much potential to be an epic ride, but it only went for like a minute, if that. it took off like the Tower of Terror. and the ride itself was like the Scooby Doo coaster. just woah.

The Terminator 2: 3D wasn’t that great… Shrek 4D was the same as the one at Movie World too… oh, we also did the Special Effects Sage, that was cool. very interesting to see.

Ashley & I have decided were going to move to Santa Monica Blvd & start our own film company. or at least work for one.

after we finished up in the park we headed out to the City Walk & walled around and checked out all the shops. we had dinner at a pizza place, was alright.

we went to the tour bus again after we ate and then headed off on our LA night tour! first we went through Hollywood. we were shown all the night clubs and the very popular destinations for celebrities. we were shown restaurants that celebs own, as well as a hotel that Cameron Diaz & Johnny Depp own or something. so crazy.

we got to get off at the walk of fame, Kodak theatre etc all that stuff, so we walked around there again. while we were there we saw some cops pull up & get out and had their guns in their hands and they were walking by some taxis looking inside. they were obviously after a taxi with something or someone.. pretty crazy. this was like right infront of the chinese theatre too. so, lots of people there watching. they didn’t find whatever they were after though but there was 3 cop cars, 2 parked. so 4 cops walking round with guns out. crazy.

Also went to Beverly Hills, then headed to Rodeo Drive. it was pretty expensive looking even! I felt out of place just driving down that street lol but I think were planning to go back on Sunday during the day..

we drove by the Nokia theatre and Walt Disney concert hall too. all very exciting. we liked it. had fun. good tour.

oh, I’m also an annual pass member for Universal Studios now for 2011. they had a deal going on where you buy a day pass in 2010 & get 2011 free! so I took advantage of this offer. although I had to pay an extra $18 cos we apparently had discounted tickets through our tour, so not full price. sucky, but meh. we basically paid off that $18 almost in savings I got all around the park & City Walk. 😀

anywhoo, everyones gone to sleep now so I should follow suit. I’m too excited with LA though right now. it’s great. I feel like watching non stop movies. like a spree. I’m obsessed. I totally need to sort my life out! haha! alright, I’m off. night!

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