Day 222

today was a lame day. everyone slept in until after 10, I was up by 9 though. we went out probably closer to 12 I think, we decided it was washing day. so in search of a washing place we went.

we were told we could use the washig facilities at the Holiday Inn as it was supposedly sister hotel of Marina International. so we went in and were told where to go. we get to the room and there’s one washer & one dryer, AND the washing machine was out of order!

we asked about it though & then they checked & said it has been fixed so we could use it. still sucky though cause we has so much washing we had to do 2 loads, at 38 mins each. didn’t even dry the 2nd load cause at this point we were so hungry. no one had eaten all day and it was basically 2.30 when our stuff was washed.

we went back to our hotel & ditched the washing there, and we headed over to IHOP! I was feeling really sick at this point from not eating.. so I wasn’t having a great day. but once food came out & I ate, it was so much better. we all felt great again after food lol.

I had pancakes, & some of Sarahs broccoli from her meal. it was yum. I so could have eaten the 5 buttermilk ones but instead i’d only ordered the 3 cause I was feeling sick when ordering haha. damn!

after IHOP it was almost 5 so we went to Walgreens & we were going to get some Ben & Jerrys ice cream cause it’s on sale and Ashleys been wanting it for ages, but when we got there.. they were all sold out!!

So we left, ice cream less & sad. came back to the hotel, watched TV and that’s that really. such a lame day haha. tomorrow I think we might hit up Hollywood again, try to see the Hollywood sign. I think I wanna go to a celebrity restaraunt or some where cool to eat lunch.. but nowhere expensive, obviously lol. we’ll see anyways!

Disneyland on Monday too 🙂 night!

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