Day 223


so today was kind of our last outing day in LA! tomorrow we’re hitting up Disneyland so yeah!

we didn’t leave the hotel until about 11.. we had aimed for 10 lol. we went to IHOP for breakfast, yet again. and yes they were remembering who we were. so awkward! LOL! we were like okay this is definitely the last time!!

it was epic, obviously.

after IHOP we headed to the bus stop & got on the bus heading to Hollywood again! took well over an hour in transit.. probably closer to 2.. Hollywood blvd was blocked off… all the main area of it… the street was blocked off anyways I mean.

turns out it was a Christmas parade on, and people had been sitting there for their seats for hours already! it wasn’t starting until 6 either!

we went to an Internet cafe first, the others wanted to upload their photos and get stuff off their cameras onto their USBs… it wasn’t that exciting!

after that we headed towards Gower st where you apparently can get a good view of the Hollywood sign! we had to walk for awhile, everyone was getting annoyed saying we weren’t going to be able to see it, but we did!! you go, Google.

saw the sign, took photos, and then headed back towards the main part of Hollywood blvd. I wanted to stay for the Christmas parade, it looked like it would have been epic. huge floats and blow up things and everything. and people had been there for hours so it must have been worthwhile.

but unfortunately we hadn’t dressed for the weather, and it was very windy and cold! so we jumped in a taxi, and took the expensive cab ride home D:

we went to Ralphs shopping center first, got some snacks for tomorrow, also got some tiny cups of Ben & Jerrys ice cream to try finally! it was pretty darn good!

after Ralphs we headed to this restaurant we’d been eyeing off everytime we’d go by it. it was an Italian place, and the pasta was epic. they also bring you out garlic bread ball things non stop, for free. it was great! our pastas were all so yum & very generous helpings.

I was the only one to finish my pasta, I don’t know how I did it lol everyone else only got half way.. we were all SO full and we has to sit there for awhile longer before we could move. were still so very full! but it was very good pasta!!

that’s petty much it for the day.. tomorrow is Disneyland so up early. I better head to bed then in that case, so goodnight!

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