Day 225


Welcome to the Fabulous LAS VEGAS!

woke up this morning, all got ready, and jumped in a taxi heading to LAX! when the taxi pulled up at our terminal, we saw my family outside doing whatever they were doing. so we got our bags out & went over to say hi! Jordy got super tall. it’s insane!

we went inside & checked in & handed in our bags. then we all went through security & into the gate area to find food.

we all sat around, most ate. talked for awhile, then made our way over to our boarding gate. waited a bit more again, then finally got to board! en route Vegas!

the flight was the shortest, most pointless flight ever. it wasn’t even an hour long flight! just felt so weird. we were pretty spaced out too there was a seat between each of us lol twas good.

when we got to Vegas & collected our bags, our options were a shuttle for $8 each, 2 taxis for however much each, or a stretch hummer, aka “hummersine” for about $12 each.. obviously we went for the hummer!

it was an epic start to the trip. 8 of us got into the stretch hummer & away we went! the driver took us on the scenic route to the hotel as it was our first time in Vegas! so we went from the start of the strip all the way down to our hotel, the MGM Grand!

it’s a pretty epic hotel. quite big! we had some issues though with our rooms, like the internet, the hot water, the duck feather pillows!! lol but it’s all sorted now, kinda. our hot water still isn’t too great, but ya know.

the girls, Kahni, Jordy & I all went for a walk this afternoon to find food. we walked through New York New York to find this apparent theme park, which turned out to be just a roller coaster. we couldn’t find the entry so we decided to try back later.

we ended up at a food court place, got Subway, Kahni & Victoria got Wendys. then after we all or Dairy Queen! after eating we went to the M&M factory! it was pretty cool! so much stuff! and it was 4 levels! haha pretty sweet!

we went back to our hotel after that, it was getting cold. we sat in the rooms for awhile before heading out again to explore our hotel!

we went to a city TV thing were you get to watch a rough cut of a possible new TV show & give your opinions etc so we went in and watched.. wasn’t that great. it was about exorcists. like a reality show. kinda lame. but anywhoo!

we walked around for a while after that. checked out the lion habitat which was closed, so were going back there again tomorrow. also checked out the shops & the arcade even though it was shut. didn’t seem very big and exciting! eh!

other than that we came back to the room & chilled. Ashley & I showered, or tried to shower, in our freezing, never heating up shower! so with that, I’m off night!

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