Day 226


still in Vegas! it’s good stuff! I actually really like it, but I’m biased maybe, I like anything America!

we woke up today & got dressed & left our hotel about 10.30? we headed over to the New York New York hotel to check out the roller coaster, the price for one ride was $14, and an all day pass was $25… so naturally we went the all day pass, duh!

we rode it once, then headed off to find breakfast. we were distracted on the way by the arcade & ended up playing basketball hoop shooting & stuff like that for awhile. after the arcade we went to the food area & looked around & ate etc.

we then went BACK to the rollercoaster, and rode it another 3 times in a row.. were so cool! got our moneys worth 😉

after that we realized we’d spent 3 hours already just in NYNY, so we made ourselves leave and head back out to the strip!

we checked out some souvenir stores, bought some snacks and badges and what not. pressed some more pennies. all that stuff. we didn’t get very far down the strip, i think we reached Planet Hollywood’s Miracle Mile shopping or something then turned around. we went all through the shopping thing there too!

heading back to our hotel, we stopped by the NYNY again, and rode the rollercoaster yet ANOTHER two times! were insane!

we came back to the hotel room for a bit, just chilled. then eventually headed out to dinner. we were off to Hard Rock Cafe for dinner, and on the way we texted mum to see if they wanted to come, and they did, so we waited for a bit. sat on the street. then eventually went in and got a table for 8.

they FINALLY got there, after their taxi had taken them to the OTHER Hard Rock further down the road.. so then we ate and yep!

after eating we played on the touh wall in the Hard Rock, it was epic! it was like the thing you see on NCIS: LA! it was cool as, we were tossing picture thingy across screens to each other. man I want one in my house!!

we came back to our hotel after all that, I had to call a tech guy for the hotel to come & reset the Internet, and we had to wait for him so that sucked. eventually he came & sorted it out. then it was about 10.40pm, the rollercoaster closes at 11.. Kahni wanted to go on it, so her & I RAN there.. yeah sure, the NYNY is only across the street… but god damn!

we made it thankfully! & got on the last ride for the night. it’s pretty epic at night, with all the lights down the strip. I like it! then we spent like 20 mins in the arcade cause Kahni wanted to spend some money on that stuff tryna win things lol.

then we left, back to the MGM, and yeah. Ashley ran the shower for ages before she got in cause the water never got warmer. so when it was my turn I tried what Kahni said, to let it run through the bath tap before the shower tap, so I did & it was super hot thankfully!! poor Ashley had to have a cold shower haha aww. tomorrow! anywhoo, I’m off to bed now it’s late as. night!

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