Day 227

greetings from Vegas!

still here! I know you’re jealous.. we woke up today and got ready then waited around for ages before everyone was ready to go out to breakfast. finally everyone was, and breakfast became lunch, and off to Dennys we went!

after Dennys we went on a bus to the outlet stores for supposed cheap shopping, but really it was all still high priced, nothing epic. everyone got something I think, except me. I wanted some converses in cool colours but there was none in my size on sale.. sucky.

we spent a few hours at the shopping place, then finally headed home on the bus. mum made a friend on the way, his name was Larry the Bass Player, or something.. lol he was very friendly & helpful with bus directions too.

we got back to the hotel & chilled for a bit before heading to the Rainforest Cafe for dinner. we had a voucher thing for a free appetizer with a meal, so we had mozzerella sticks between us, and Ashley, Sarah & I had a cheese pizza bettern us too. for dessert we got the brownie volcano. omggg. so good! mum had one the night before & was telling us to try it so we did. it was great. we finished it all off. om nom nom! brownies! yey!

after our epic meal, we went to some shops in the hotel cause Kahni wanted to buy them mr fuzzy things or something. they’re kinda lame when you know how it’s done. but also kinda really interesting.. Ashley, Sarah & I all got one too so we’ve been trying to learn how to do it right lol

we came back to our rooms after that & that was that! we packed out bags, showered, watched TV etc. and now it’s time for bed as we have to get up early tomorrow to head to the Grand Canyon!! so with that I bid you farewell. night!

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