Day 228

this is a blog!

Ashley & I woke up at 7.30 this morning so we could get ready and go down to get pretzels in time for our supposed 9.30 departure…

the pretzel place happened to be closed until 10, so we couldn’t get our pretzels 😦 but when we went back up to our room and checked next door, mum was only just getting up.. so we chilled. I think we ended up leaving closer to 11.

we made plenty of stops on our drive, plenty. most notable are one of the first few places where the “mini mart” smelt like gross meat, had some empty shelves & empty fridges… they were cutting meat out the back, it was gross. lol so dodgy. reminded us of Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

the other notable stopover was one place on Route 66, the lady & man at the store working there were very friendly & nice. they talked to us for awhile, showed Jordy “rattle snake eggs” which was in a little packet you open to have a look at and it goes off when you open it, hard to explain. but jordy freaked out LOL! so funny.

we got to the Grand Canyon Grand Hotel at around 6.30pm, which is actually 7.30pm in this time zone.. lol.

went to the restaurant downstairs in the hotel for dinner. then we went to the little arcade here too and we were playing the basketball game haha!

then we came back up to the room & watched some movies on TV and yeah, that’s it really. gonna head to sleep now. night!

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