Day 229


got woken up this morning to Monte knocking on our door saying they were going to breakfast then out to the Grand Canyon. so we slowly went to get ready.

Sarah got up & told us that she’d been up sick all night. and she was still sick. so she’s been throwing up all day 😦 poor Sarah.

we still all headed out to the Grand Canyon though, checked it out. it’s pretty damn amazing. so huge. just goes on forever! we all really liked it.

eventually we headed back to the cars, Sarah was still unwell and we were gonna try & take her to a medical place or pharmacy but nothing was open! it’s a small town & it’s Saturday. so no luck there. so instead we went to a food mart & mum got her some stuff to take.

we went back to the Grand Canyon again in the afternoon to walk around a bit more. Sarah stayed home to sleep, so it was just the rest of us.

we walked around more, saw a deer as we drove in, Ashley & I stood right at the edge of some parts, mum was freaking out lol. all was good.

came home, watched some movie on TV, then Victoria, Ashley & I went to a Mexican place down the road for dinner. it really wasn’t that great.. but ah well. came back home, watching more movies on TV & that’s it really. packed our stuff to leave again in the morning, yep! alrighty. night!

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