Day 230

dear day 230… apparently it sounds like I’m in jail…

don’t like my new room mates, they’re annoying.. LOL jokes. they said that.

anywhooo… woke up this morning, got ready, and eventually headed off from Arizona & back to Las Vegas! made a pit stop at Maccas for breakfast & on we went!

we stopped in the same place we stopped on the way, the one with the nice people working there. except they weren’t there this time & the toilet clogged with still 3 of us having to go. so we went to the mens toilet. when Sarah walked in there a man was shaving his face.. it was awkward.

we stopped over at Hoover Dam too! pretty huge and fascinating. was a good stop over. totally thought of Transformers the whole time we were there.

headed off again, finally got back into Vegas. we all showered and then went down to the Rainforest Cafe again for dinner with the family. after dinner we came back to the room to collect our stuff & off we went to the airport!

Monte drove us to the airport. we went to the car rental drop off place & dropped off the car. then we got on a shuttle bus to the terminal, checked in, then went through the security check thing. Sarah & I had to go through the body scanner, i moved apparently, not sure if they were joking.. had to go stand infront of this lady who kind of interrogates you. lucky I had a funny shirt on, made it easier LOL.

she was like “okay, what do you have in your pockets?” I said nothing.. I have two pockets & they’re both empty.. then she looked confused. and I said oh, maybe it was my knee thing?? so I had to pull up my pants & she had to wipe it to test it in a machine.. awkward. lol. never had a problem in airports before with my knee thing.. :S

anywhoo, had to get on another funny train thing to get us to the terminals, and that’s where we are now. just chilling. it’s 11.49 pm and our flight is at 1am. so I’m done for this, might go lay down.

LOLOLOL, a man on the loudspeaker just goes “attention hocker, hock.. hooker..? *laugh* party of 20 waiting for you.. *laugh*” HAHA! then heaps of people around here just laughed at it then. ahahaha. funny. ahh.. I need sleep. laters!

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