Day 231

so I think the blog left off last night us waiting for the plane. well anways, the plane was delayed almost an hour. and we already only had 54 mins layover in Minneapolis, so we were stressing. hardly slept on the flight, basically ran once we got off to find the next gate & to board.

we made it, of course. 🙂 then got on our next flight to New York! didn’t sleep. watched “Going the Distance” with Drew Barrymore & Justin Long. pretty good movie.

got to New York, grabbed our bags, & went and got a taxi to our hostel. it only costed us about $9 each thankfully!

we went walking around today, we got on the subway & went down to Madison Square Gardens, we were spose to buy a go card there but they didn’t know what it was. so we walked down to Times Square. crazy place, very sweet though. we walked around for a bit. it was freezing though so we were soo cold. the wind was terrible! ahh.

we went into Ripleys & spoke to a lady there about the cards, had to buy an explorers pass so now we can go do some touristy things!

our hostel isn’t very great. mine & Victorias room was tiny compared to Ashley & Sarahs, so we went downstairs to ask & they moved us up to level 5 from level 2. haha. so now we have a spacier room too. but now up there we don’t get wifi and our room is full of like hazey smoke from the heater. not good!! ugh.

we went to dinner at some place down the road, it was gross. and yep. now I’m off to bed.. night!

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