Day 232


woke up early today, kinda early anyways. it’s hard with 4 girls lol. we went to some diner down the street for breakfast. wasn’t too bad. turns out that’s where Brad Pitt was to film a scene for “Meet Joe Black” so that was kinda cool.

after eating we walked over to Central Park! we walked around for a bit. it was soo cold! like insanely cold. I wanted to run back to the hostel! but I dealt with it. we walked by an ice rink, watched some people skating. but we were too cold to go in lol.

after that we headed to the subway & went down to the seaport or something, passed by Wall street too! we went to the Bodies exhibit. it was pretty cool. kind of gross in parts but other than that it was really interesting. Jordy would have loved it.

after the Bodies exhibit we headed over to where you get the Staten Island Ferry from & we jumped on that to go by the Statue Of Liberty. this ferry is basically the free way to see the statue from the water. we got to the other side, Staten Island, then turned around & got back on to head back.

after that freezing adventure we got back on the subway & headed home. picked up some microwave mac & cheese for dinner & watches Mrs Doubtfire while we ate. and yep, that’s it really!

tired now, night!

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